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Bending the Health Care Cost Curve: Lessons from the Past

5/26/2009 - The recent public exchange between the federal government and health care industry on the nature of the industry's commitment to cut costs highlights the difficulty of implementing effective measures to bend the health care cost curve.

Ensuring Accountability: How a Global Fee Could Improve Hospital Care and Generate Savings

4/29/2009 - Offering a "global fee" that covers a bundle of services for hospitalization and 30-day post-hospital care has great potential to improve care, reduce complications, and generate savings to finance health reform, say Karen Davis and Kristof Stremikis.

Can Patient-Centered Medical Homes Transform Health Care Delivery?

3/27/2009 - A look at how medical homes could ensure accessible, patient-centered, and coordinated care for all Americans.

Compassionate and Challenging Changes in Health Care

2/25/2009 - Commonwealth Fund President Karen Davis discusses how the reforms recommended by the Fund's Commission on High Performance Health System make a compelling case for change in our health system.

Health Information Technology: Key Lever in Health System Transformation

1/26/2009 - As President Obama and the new Congress embark on an ambitious agenda to reform the American health care system, the need to develop a national policy to encourage the spread of health information technology is resurfacing as a key issue.

The Commonwealth Fund at 90

12/17/2008 - The 90th anniversary of The Commonwealth Fund serves as an occasion to reflect on the foundation's remarkable history and its role in supporting research and innovative practices that have driven improvements in the U.S. health care system for nearly a century.

Health Reform in a New Era: Options for the Obama Administration

11/7/2008 - President-elect Obama and Congress will be juggling many competing priorities in 2009, including health reform.

Reducing Preventable Deaths Through Improved Health System Performance

10/9/2008 - Research shows that the U.S. is not reducing its rate of "mortality amenable to health care" as quickly as other industrialized nations. Other studies reveal declines in the U.S. in life expectancy, as well as rises in infant mortality rates. Poor performance on these measures points to flawed preventive care and other problems with the U.S. health system.

The Presidential Candidates' Health Reform Plans: Important Choices for the Nation

9/16/2008 - The presidential candidates have responded to Americans' deep-seated concern about the shortcomings of the U.S. health system with two very different health reform proposals. A new series of articles published on the Web site of the health policy journal Health Affairs provides important analyses of the health plans of Senators Obama and McCain. Yet, these articles also merit examination.

Delivering Change Through Health System Organization

8/14/2008 - "Change" is on the minds of many Americans during this election cycle, and it is relevant to any discussion of the U.S. health care system as well.

Headed in the Wrong Direction: The 2008 National Scorecard on U.S. Health System Performance

7/17/2008 - Belief in economic and scientific progress is deeply engrained in the American way of life. Evidence that health care in this country is slipping backward is, therefore, deeply troubling.

Insurance in Name Only

6/24/2008 - The purposes of health insurance are to ensure financial access to needed care and protect against financial hardship from medical bills. Unfortunately, for many of those with health insurance, neither purpose is fulfilled.

Making Nursing Homes Desirable Places to Live and Work

5/22/2008 - The culture change movement is working to transform nursing homes from places that put institutional imperatives ahead of the needs, rights, and interests of the residents to places where residents come first.

Get Organized: How to Streamline Health Care Delivery

4/28/2008 - Our modern health care system has spawned many specialized fields, including "patient advocacy," which offers guidance and even classes on "navigating the health care maze." But it simply shouldn't be so hard for patients to make sure that their blood test results reach the right doctor's office.

Addressing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities by Improving Health Care Quality

3/31/2008 - Do racial and ethnic disparities in health care quality occur because minority Americans are treated differently by their providers, or because minorities receive care in lower-quality facilities?