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New State-by-State Analysis: 32 Million Were Underinsured in 2012, Including 4 Million Middle-Income People; Nearly 80 Million in Total Lacked Health Insurance or Were Underinsured, Ranging from 14 Percent in Massachusetts to 38 Percent in New Mexico and Texas

3/25/2014 - Thirty-two million people under age 65 were underinsured in the U.S. in 2012, meaning they had health coverage but it provided inadequate protection against high health care costs relative to their income, a new Commonwealth Fund report finds.

17 States and Washington, D.C., Implementing 'SHOP' Health Insurance Marketplaces for Small Businesses; Most Offer Employees Competitive Choice of Plans and Insurers

3/14/2014 - Seventeen states and the District of Columbia are running their own Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) marketplaces, where small firms can buy health insurance for their employees, while the federal government is operating SHOP marketplaces in the remaining 33 states, according to a new Commonwealth Fund study.

Health Status of People Buying Insurance Through Affordable Care Act's Marketplaces More Important to Premium Costs Than Age, Says Expert Group

2/12/2014 - Young adult participation may not be as critical to the success of the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces as widely believed, according to a new Commonwealth Fund brief detailing the perspectives of a group of prominent actuaries, insurers selling plans in the marketplaces, health policy researchers, and federal officials.

New Commonwealth Fund State-by-State Analysis: Most States Taking Action to Implement Affordable Care Act's Insurance Reforms; Approaches Vary Widely

1/31/2014 - States have taken substantially varying actions to implement and enforce the Affordable Care Act’s three major components designed to expand health insurance coverage and protect consumers—health insurance market reforms, health insurance marketplaces, and Medicaid expansion—according to a new Commonwealth Fund report.

New Commonwealth Fund Survey: About One-Quarter Of Americans Potentially Eligible for Health Coverage Visited Insurance Marketplaces by December, Up From 17 Percent In October

1/9/2014 - Twenty-four percent of Americans who are potentially eligible for health insurance coverage had visited one of the new insurance marketplaces by the end of December to find a health plan, whether by mail, Internet, phone, or in person, a new Commonwealth Fund survey finds.

First Analysis of Insurer Rate Increases Above 10% in New Health Plans Finds Most Driven by Medical Costs; Affordable Care Act Not a Major Factor in 2013

12/19/2013 - Rising medical costs were the primary driver of recent rate increases by health insurers, accounting for three-quarters or more of the larger premium hikes requested between July 2012 and June 2013, a new Commonwealth Fund study finds.

New State-by-State Analysis: States Rejecting Medicaid Expansion Under the Affordable Care Act Are Costing Their Taxpayers Billions

12/5/2013 - The 20 states choosing not to expand their Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act are forgoing billions of dollars in federal funds, while residents in their states are contributing to the cost of the expansions in other states, according to a new Commonwealth Fund study.

New 11-Country Health Care Survey: U.S. Adults Spend Most; Forgo Care Due to Costs, Struggle to Pay Medical Bills, and Contend with Insurance Complexity at Highest Rates

11/13/2013 - A new 11-country survey from The Commonwealth Fund finds that adults in the United States are far more likely than those in 10 other high-income industrialized nations to go without health care because of costs, have difficulty paying medical bills, and encounter time-consuming health insurance paperwork or disputes, including claims that were unexpectedly not paid.

New Commonwealth Fund Survey: Seventeen Percent of Americans Who Are Potentially Eligible for Coverage Have Visited Health Insurance Marketplaces; Sixty Percent Are Aware of Them

11/4/2013 - Seventeen percent of Americans who are potentially eligible for coverage have visited new health insurance marketplaces to buy coverage, via mail, Internet, phone, or in person, according to a new Commonwealth Fund survey, conducted between October 9 and 27, tracking people’s experiences with the marketplaces since the October 1 launch.

New Survey: Small-Business Owners Give High Ratings to Features of New ‘SHOP’ Marketplaces, Value Choice of Plans for Their Employees, Have Benefitted from Affordable Care Act

10/16/2013 - A majority (56%) of small -business owners who currently provide their employees with health benefits are interested in being able to offer a choice of health plans while paying a fixed cost, with the employee paying extra for choosing a more expensive plan, according to a new NORC study supported by The Commonwealth Fund and published today as a Health Affairs Web First.

New Survey As Health Insurance Marketplaces Launch: 3 of 4 People Are Aware of Individual Mandate but Only 4 of 10 Know About Marketplaces and Premium Subsidies

9/30/2013 - As the key components of the Affordable Care Act roll out this week, more than three-quarters of U.S. adults are aware of the law's individual mandate, while only four of 10 are aware of the new health insurance marketplaces opening on October 1, according to a new Commonwealth Fund survey.

First-Ever Scorecard Evaluates How Well States' Health Care Systems Are Working for Low-Income Americans, Finds Wide Disparities in Access to Care and Health Care Quality

9/18/2013 - Access to affordable health care and quality of care vary greatly for low-income people based on where they live, according to a new Commonwealth Fund scorecard.

New Report: As Many as Two of Five Uninsured Adults Living in States That Do Not Expand Medicaid Under the Affordable Care Act Would Have No New Health Insurance Options in 2014

9/5/2013 - Two of five adults who have recently been uninsured living in states that have not yet decided to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act would likely have no new affordable health insurance options if their states don’t eventually expand the program, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report.

New Survey of Young Adults: 7.8 Million Gained New or Better Coverage Through Affordable Care Act, But Only 27 Percent Are Aware of Health Insurance Marketplaces; Millions Will Remain Uninsured If States Don’t Expand Medicaid

8/20/2013 - The report, Covering Young Adults Under the Affordable Care Act: The Importance of Outreach and Medicaid Expansion, dispels the notion that young adults don’t think they need health insurance. The survey of adults ages 19 to 29 found that when offered health insurance benefits through an employer, two-thirds (67%) took the coverage.

New Report: Many State Health Insurance Marketplace Will Exceed Requirements for Quality Reporting and Choice for Small-Business Employees

7/10/2013 - Many state-run health insurance marketplaces are poised, by 2014, to exceed federal quality-reporting requirements, offer small-business employees a choice of health plans that won’t be available in states with federally run marketplaces until 2015, and promote a seamless "one-stop shop" for consumers to enroll in coverage, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report.