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Health Care Payment and Delivery Reform in Minnesota Medicaid

3/1/2013 - Minnesota's Medicaid program is a leader in piloting innovative health care payment and delivery reforms. This case study is one of three in a series on innovations being undertaken by states to improve quality and efficiency in their Medicaid programs.

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Medicaid Is One of Multiple Payers in Vermont’s Health Care Reforms

3/1/2013 - Vermont Medicaid is a key player as the state pioneers multipayer health care delivery and payment reforms. Under Vermont Blueprint for Health, most Medicaid beneficiaries and state residents will be served in 2013 by medical homes with community health teams, with additional support services for Medicaid enrollees with complex conditions.

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Aligning Incentives in Medicaid: How Colorado, Minnesota, and Vermont Are Reforming Care Delivery and Payment to Improve Health and Lower Costs

3/1/2013 - Colorado, Minnesota, and Vermont are working to align incentives between health care payers and providers to improve care delivery and outcomes while controlling costs. This synthesis describes the common drivers of reform across the states and lessons learned.

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Medicaid Payment and Delivery Reform in Colorado: ACOs at the Regional Level

3/1/2013 - Colorado is one of a handful of states piloting innovative health care payment and delivery reforms through Medicaid. Under the Accountable Care Collaborative Program, which began enrollment in May 2011, the state Medicaid agency contracts with seven regional organizations to create networks of primary care providers and ensure care coordination for Medicaid enrollees.

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The Veterans Health Administration: Implementing Patient-Centered Medical Homes in the Nation's Largest Integrated Delivery System

9/16/2011 - In April 2010, the U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VA) embarked on an ambitious three-year plan to build patient-centered medical homes in more than 900 primary care clinics across the nation. Its model organizes care around an interdisciplinary team of providers who work together to increase access and clinical effectiveness by identifying and removing barriers to high-quality care.

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Sustaining a Culture of Safety in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System

4/8/2010 - This case study looks at the National Center for Patient Safety formed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in 1999 to foster an organizational culture of patient safety within its 153 hospitals and 783 community-based clinics.

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Case Study: Creating a Culture of Safety in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System

9/26/2008 - The Veterans Health Administration, a component of the Department of Veterans Affairs, operates the nation's largest integrated health care system, providing care to more than 5.1 million veterans and 7.6 million enrollees at more than 1,300 sites of care nationwide.

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Case Study: NASA/VA Patient Safety Reporting System

1/20/2005 - The Veterans Administration (VA) instituted an external, voluntary, confidential, and non-punitive Patient Safety Reporting System (PSRS) modeled on NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System.

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